Assignment One: A Portrait

Take one person as a subject and create between five and seven different portraits.  They should differ in type and style and each be from a separate photographic session.

When finished makes notes on:

  • Critically assess your finished work.  Consider each portrait individually.
  • Identify what has worked well and what has worked less successfully and analyse the reasons for this.
  • Consider where you need to strengthen your own skills and understanding and explain how you hope to achieve this.

Although the brief says to take one subject and make several images in different locations using different styles, I chose to ignore the ‘one subject’ directive and make several portraits in different locations using different subjects and styles.  I don’t see the point in having multiple portraits of the same subject because there wouldn’t really be any narrative to that, whereas using different subjects and tying them to a theme gives the required portraits and styles with narrative and more interest.  The theme is of my neighbours in the supported living accommodation flats we live in.  Almost everyone who lives here has some form of medical support need, and those of us who are fit and able try to help them lead as normal a life as possible.  The images are captioned with a short synopsis of the person they portray and the images try to include an impression of their individual living arrangements.


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