In The Beginning……..

2nd February 2013

……..There was a very nervous student who found himself in an area of study that he has terrors about….. PORTRAITURE…… AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Luckily he woke up, but still found himself in a very uncomfortable area.

Portraiture isn’t something I’ve ever done before, which considering how long I’ve been involved in photography is rather astounding, but true, so it’s no wonder I’m slow at getting going, (I’ve been sat around for two weeks looking at it, research of course).

The worry is that 1. I’m finding it hard to convince anyone in my immediate family to be my model, they’re all blessed with the same phobia, “I don’t like my photo’ being taken”.  2.  I’m not really sure about shooting portraits indoors without lighting (the winter weather isn’t acceptable to the bikini clad babes I considered hiring).  3.  I really don’t want to have to be my own model for ALL the exercises.

This is the first time on this course that I’ve found myself in this situation, putting off the day I have to get on with the practical side of things, probably because I’m feeling well outside my comfort zone right now.  I look at other student blogs and review their images and think that if they can do it, so can I, but when it comes to start I procrastinate like mad.  So now I’ve written this down, and I make a written commitment to the community at large that I’m really, really going to make some images on Monday 4th February.  There, done it, so now I HAVE to do something and post the results in the first exercise.  OH MY GOD!!


5 Responses to In The Beginning……..

  1. vickiuvc says:

    You’ll be fine!!

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m on your side Eddy – I was just the same! Do you have a friendly next door neighbour or can you bribe someone?

  3. Eddy Lerp says:

    Thanks for the support ladies.

    I’ve managed to convince my wife to help on condition she doesn’t have to pose in too public a place and she can veto any image…. ah well you can’t have it all

  4. I share your fears and have even contemplated a non-photographic unit to complete Part 1 and avoid P&P, but hen the time comes I will force myself to go out and find … people !!

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      I think the fear of the unknown is possibly one of the hardest things to overcome, but like always, once you’ve taken that first step you find it’s not so bad really. Good luck with your choice.

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