Project: Activity

Exercise: An Active Portrait

Discuss with the subject what kind of natural activity they would like to have depicted in this portrait.  The activity may determine the location specifically, but if it doesn’t matter, discuss with them where they would like to be depicted participating. 

Bob and I are neighbours and we play a game of cards every Monday evening in the communal lounge of the community we live in.  He’s now 84 years old and so his ambulatory powers are beginning to become poor, although we do manage to get out most Thursday evenings to the pub for a couple of pints.  I asked Bob to participate in this exercise even though he’s very derogatory, in a comradely way, about photography (a waste of time he calls it) and not liking his photograph taken very much.

I decided that the best way to achieve the result I wanted was to set-up the camera to one side of the table we use to play on and use a remote cable to trigger the shutter when I thought the moment was right.  This was when  it became something of an informal session, as Bob relaxed and started to ignore the fact that the camera was there.

Bob Trowles

Bob Trowles

I think this final result was well worth the effort and Bob actually then wanted to go on and use it as his profile image for his Facebook page, along with the compliments from his grand-children, I think he was secretly pleased with the result himself.


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