Assignment Four: Feedback Report

Student Name: Eddy Lerpiniere

Student Number: 506079

Course/Module: People & Place

Assignment Number: 4

Overall Comments

Thanks Eddy for the next installment of Gilbert Court, this time quite different from before which I welcomed.  A gentle and sympathetic look at your home environment.

I like seeing the surrounding areas.  Another new angle!  It’s never ending!  I also like that the images seem more positive than before.  It’s always good to look at the counter argument to help strengthen your position, making sure you are not being reductionist and polemic for the sake of an argument.

Assessment Potential

I understand your aim is to go for the Photography Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course. From the work you have shown in this assignment, and providing you commit yourself to the course, I suggest that you are likely to be successful in the assessment.

Feedback on Assignment

Like I said I like the positive spin you are putting on the area, like a brochure from the landlords and as a result it becomes a real clash with your previous assignments.  This is interesting and creates a debate.  I like how you brought in your personal favourite spots – like the library, it definitely adds something to the project.  Your personal investment that is.

I can just hear people saying “What a great place to live, well situated to the local amenities, and specific needs of the residents – doctors, hospital, dentist…”  Very interesting after what we have already seen from the inside.  It also highlights the way photography can never really be used to tell the ‘truth’.  It balances out your position and it will be interesting to see where you take this in the next assignment.  You have done very well not to duplicate your message in the previous assignments but still retained your central theme of Gilbert Court.

Technically speaking these images are well composed.  I particularly enjoyed the perspective of seeing the whole of the building, stretching throughout the width of the picture.  The exacting straight-on lines and viewpoints have been carried through the selection well and leave me with a complete / robust feeling.  But it is very superficial – like that of an estate agents picture – which is what I believe you were going for.  So well done, it feels to me that the technique here was fitting for what you were hoping to achieve.  If you compare that with the crooked corners of the stairwell in previous assignments it gives another aspect to the contrast.  Your natural tendency towards the ‘romantic’ as you put it, works very well here and highlights even more how well you have done by getting the hard hitting portraits in previous assignments.

I think you demonstrate a decent level of creativity – this is mainly seen in contrast to the previous assignments and I think assessors will appreciate that.  For example if this was your first assignment one might not pick up on the oddness of your positivity!  But as it comes wedged between some fairly graphic imagery I think it actually makes one stop and think.  Otherwise it would be a standard brochure… if you know what I mean?…

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical Essays

Well engaged as ever with your study visits and TV groups.  No worries here,  just keep it up. Perhaps a few more books – you can write about John Berger soon I guess?!

Suggested Reading/Viewing

You are building such a large ‘document’ of Gilbert Court.  Perhaps it would be useful for you to write a reflection on all the work you have done so far – how it has worked for you or not, what questions / problems / areas of consideration it has raised for you, where you want to take it next and most importantly what are your aims for these images and is that aim changing / developing?

Pointers for the Next Assignment

Consider how this positive look at Thatcham can feed into your personal opinion…  how can that impact what you will do next… do you want to tame down your argument?  Do you want to present it as a debate?  Is it something else entirely?

I’m glad you found it more positive ‘cos that was the intention.  To be a promotional leaflet I felt it needed to leave aside the negative aspects, which any place one lives has, and try to show why the place never has problems getting tenants.
I’m planning on carrying forward this more positive aspect into the last assignment and making it somewhat nostalgic at the same time.  As to what to do with the project once it’s finished, I haven’t a clue, along with what it really means to me it’ll be something that’ll make a good reflection upon as one of the final entries into my learning log.
Anyway, on to the final assignment.
Thanks again for the positive feedback.

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