Project: Space and Light

Exercise: How Space Changes With Light

At one, or two, locations where you can conveniently return a number of times at different times of day and make an image on each occasion, set the camera up in exactly the same position each time and note how the shadows fall and create different masses of dark and light.

For this exercise I chose to use the former dining-room within the building I live in.  It has south and west-facing, floor to ceiling windows, and should provide differing depths of light and shadow throughout the room as the sun progresses from east to west.

Early morning, sun toward the east

Image 1:  Early morning, sun toward the east, virtually no reflection from the two tables on the left, light fairly evenly spread across the room, cloth colouring not very bright

Mid-day, sun in the south

Image 2:  Mid-day, sun in the south, quite a bit of reflection from the two tables as the sun moves directly in line with the left-hand windows, cloth colouring becomes brighter

Late afternoon, the sun is approx halfway between south and west

Image 3:  Late afternoon, the sun is approx halfway between south and west, the bars of light are angled from left to right across the floor ahead as opposed to right to left in the evening image, the shadows are deeper by contrast to all the other images and the reflectance off the table top has changed over one to the left from the evening image

Evening, sun setting in the west

Image 4:  Evening, sun setting in the west, no reflection from the two tables on the left, sun now in the west and coming through the windows ahead.  Deep shadow on the left of the room and very light patches on the floor ahead with high reflectance from the table on the right, cloth colouring back to same as morning

Exercise Learning

There’s no surprises from the results, as the sun travels from east to west the light improves to a peak at around mid-day, remains static for a period and then declines as the afternoon and evening wear on.  As a result the hues of the cloth coverings change, the positions of shadows, light patches and reflectance from the formica table tops change.  A similar result to that obtained in TAoP with the all day image making exercise to show the effects of lighting change as the sun traverses the sky.


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