Assignment Four: A Sense of Place

Imagine that you are on assignment for an intelligent, thoughtful, travel publication (not tourism promotion) that is demanding a considered, in-depth treatment of what buildings and spaces mean for the people who live in and among them.

 Aim to produce sufficient images on a specific location to fill, say, six pages.  This would mean about six final images as chosen, but at least twice this number of good, publishable images from which to make the final selection.

 Decide on a place that you know well, or are prepared to take the time to know well, and have sufficient access in order to complete a strong selection of a dozen images.

Once again, as I’ve done throughout this module, I’m going to make this assignment fit around the theme I’ve chosen of following the people and place where I live and produce the sort of travel document that could be used as an introduction to the area and the amenities available to a prospective new tenant.  This will enable me to take my work into the wider, local area and show the setting in which Gilbert Court is set.

Anyone who moves into Gilbert Court will have amenity priorities where some will have more importance than others.  The layout of any pamphlet that introduces them to the community here should address those priorities in an order of importance that has become more obvious to me the longer I’ve lived here.

  • Shops – how close are the nearest shops and is there a good range including independently owned, chain, supermarkets and open markets.
  • Health – How close is the doctor’s surgery, the nearest hospital and what care and support facilities are there.
  • Transport – Public transport becomes the only option for some as their physical abilities prevent them from driving, and quite often their financial status precludes the ownership of a car.
  • Library – Libraries are a big concern to most older people because they have so much free time on their hands reading fills a large part of their daily life.
  • Religion – Older people tend to be more religious, particularly as they get older and their sense of their own mortality hits them.  Having a local church of your denomination close to hand is always a comfort.
  • Sports Clubs – Although a proportion of tenants will not be able to pursue any form of sport now, some of the more able do participate in less physical forms.  Participation isn’t the only concern as many want to enjoy the social atmosphere in the club house.
  • Outdoors – What amenities are there that can be taken advantage of where strolling, sitting and just looking at the view are available.

This series of images has the overall title of ‘Complent’.


2 Responses to Assignment Four: A Sense of Place

  1. Catherine says:

    Seems like a good overview to me and you’ve met your brief. One more assignment to go and then you’ve finished – probably before me! I think it’s great as well that you’ve still followed your main theme of Gilbert Court.

    • Eddy Lerp says:

      Thanks Catherine. It’s hard thinking up ways to make the the theme fit and I’m struggling now with the final assignment as it seems so much like the one I’ve just done.

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