Project: People – Unrecognisable

Exercise: Making Figures Anonymous

Make some images that include a person, or people, in a particular place, but deliberately make them unrecognisable and, as a result, less prominent.  Make between two and four images which use different techniques to achieve this.

Image 1:  Making Figures Anonymous

Image 1: Making Figures Anonymous

The most obvious technique for making someone who’s a stranger unrecognisable is to make an image of them with their back turned.  Anyone who knows the person in the image well will of course recognise them even from a view from the back.

Hidden by shadow

Image 2: Making Figures Anonymous

This image is a bit less obvious than the first, but if you look into the background you’ll notice a woman entering a shop whose features can’t be made out all that well.

Image 3: People Unrecognisable

Image 3: Making Figures Anonymous

Using motion blur distorts the features of anyone, whether it’s them moving or, as in this case, the camera.


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